The fastest way to kickstart your industrial projects is with an XcoreMX Technology Check out our options and features included.

JrMX Series - Our #1 Selling MiniPC!

Xcore is focused on providing computing solutions that are compact, more affordable and energy efficient. We have been expanding our offerings to include more powerful processing, better multimedia support.


Ultra Low Power

Our products have an amazing ultra low-power consumption requirement because of the use of an embedded processor

Low Cost

Our products are some of the least expensive in the market, you get more bang for your buck on our products.

Compact Form Factor

Ultra-compact designs allow for applications in limited space environments.

Very High Performance

Our products feature a very high performance embedded CPU that supports a myriad of OS.

Commercial Applications

A perfect fit for numerous commercial and industrial technology applications.

Extensive Connectivity

With the presence of multiple IOs, network interfaces and high bandwidth data transfer, there is enough connectivity options.


JrMX+ - Power & Performance

The MicroClient JrMX is a revolutionary device that is especially designed for installations having limited physical space and temperature concerns. It does not matter if you are in a jammed office, a crowded place, or public transportation – it can be easily integrated with a VESA LCD to bring you computer access at any time.

JrMX Mini - Compact Computing

MicroClient JrMX Mini is the smallest version of our MicroClient units, it is only 95 x 95 mm in size and can be used with numerous applications where there are space concerns.


We're not the only ones about fanless mini pc.

1000+ customers in more than 100 countries use our products.

JrMX is everything you need to create your Next project!